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From "Christopher Highway" <>
Subject Re: feature request: BooleanSelect
Date Fri, 17 Oct 2008 14:11:17 GMT
Thank you for your quick answer.

Well, checkbox doesn't support tristate, which you need if you want to
make sure the user makes a concious choice and not just the default
value (and required on checkbox doesn't work, read note at the

You might solve this problem with javascript, but I'm not much of a
javascript buff...

But I agree that this reason alone might not be enough motivation to
introduce a new control, I can always make my own, so no problem


PS: While doing some testing with the checkbox (making sure I'm not
saying anything that's not true :-) I noticed that when you make a
checkbox required, the only way to have a valid form is by checking
it, you can't use the unchecked value, eg. this makes the use of the
required option rather limited (to for instance forms with a legal
notice and "must accept to continue" checkbox).

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