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From Bob Schellink <>
Subject Re: [clickclick] new BooleanSelect field
Date Sun, 19 Oct 2008 00:02:47 GMT
Thanks Christopher, I'll definitely check it out.


Christopher Highway wrote:
> Hi all,
> Added the BooleanSelect (core) and experimental StyledBooleanSelect
> (examples) to the clickclick repository.
> I had a bit of a struggle with Click, but I came out on top in the end
> (I think...) :-)
> There is a testpage: clickclick-core-examples/controls/booleanSelect.htm
> I didn't put it in the menu or anything so you'll have to browse to it manually.
> [BooleanSelect]
> - there are get/setBoolean() methods in keeping with
> Integer/Long/Date/etc Fields.
> - added some default notations backed by the resource bundle (see sample page).
> - the required option defaults to tristate, not required defaults to
> twostate (read the class javadoc for more info).
> As OptionNames are final, and if the tristate property is changed 2 or
> 3 Options may be needed. For this the creation of the Options is
> deferred to onInit(), this means:
> a) the Options are not available for tweaking in page.onInit() (but
> Options don't have anything to tweak so that's only a minor issue)
> b) changes made after page.onInit() won't be reflected in the final result.
> [StyledBooleanSelect]
> The StyledBooleanSelect is a bit of a mixed success, it has some issues:
> java-side:
> Option does not have style attribute or class properties so I made a
> new StyledOption class to add them.
> the values are also buffered in the Select class as the options are
> only instantiated at control.onInit() so the same goes as for a) and
> b).
> html-side:
> Limited support for styling option elements (background-color and font
> are ok, but Images are only supported by Firefox)
> - if you use images you need to enable javascript to make it work correcty.
> - use of images regresses ok in IE but less in Opera.
> - colors work correctly in Opera and IE, but only show in the
> dropdownlist in Firefox (Opera and IE apply the style of the selected
> option to the Select control, but Firefox doesn't, this is also why
> the image has to be manually changed through javascript).
> Anyways, please have a look.
> Cheers
> Christopher
> PS: I put the two icons in assets/images folder.
> I made them myself, so there shouldn't be any copyright issues (used:
> Artweaver + Windows Webdings font)

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