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From Bob Schellink <>
Subject Re: feature request: BooleanSelect
Date Fri, 17 Oct 2008 16:17:18 GMT
Christopher Highway wrote:
> Well, checkbox doesn't support tristate, which you need if you want to
> make sure the user makes a concious choice and not just the default
> value 

A TristateSelect/TristateRadio sounds useful. Keep in mind i18n 
support when implementing it :)

> But I agree that this reason alone might not be enough motivation to
> introduce a new control, I can always make my own, so no problem
> anyway.

It is difficult to balance what should be included in Click and what 
is considered as bloat. You want a lean framework but it should still 
solve real world problems :)

Even if Tristate is not included in Click proper you can still host it 
at Click's community site ClickClick:

However feel free to open a JIRA with your implementation.

> PS: While doing some testing with the checkbox (making sure I'm not
> saying anything that's not true :-) I noticed that when you make a
> checkbox required, the only way to have a valid form is by checking
> it, you can't use the unchecked value, eg. this makes the use of the
> required option rather limited (to for instance forms with a legal
> notice and "must accept to continue" checkbox).

The problem with HTML checkboxes are that they only send values if 
checked. So one cannot detect whether the user unchecked or simply 
ignored the checkbox. I am not sure how else one can handle required 
checkboxes (except with some javascript off course).

kind regards


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