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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Click and the Attic
Date Wed, 16 Apr 2014 06:10:43 GMT
In September, the question of the Attic was broached with Click, and there was some pushback
that it was still actively used and perhaps development was "done". There was some discussion
of it becoming "Dormant". When I first visited it in November, it coincided with a big burst
of JIRA activity, but that didn't continue in the last 5 months.

Activity can be very low as long as there are enough people there to be responsive to requests
and monitoring the project's resources. The PMC should still be capable of making a decision
by vote, such as a release or addition of a new committer, should that happen. Unfortunately,
Click currently doesn't appear to have enough PMC members active, and the previous chair has

At this point, Click can either decide to go to the Attic, or get enough PMC members to agree
to keep the lights on, and nominate a new chair.

If the PMC is not willing to continue, but there are a group of users who wish to try and
reignite the project, it can also be put as a proposal to the incubator.

For the record, this is the actual Attic process: Note
that distributions, website and users lists remain, albeit with a disclaimer of inactivity.

I'll keep an eye out over the next month, and if there's no movement then I'll take the previous
chair's recommendation and create a resolution to move the project's oversight to the Attic.


Brett Porter   @brettporter

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