Hi, Daniel! Welcome to Click Framework community.

Don't take my words as offense, I've done this same task (compare without trying) as well.

It seems that anything we say about click(productivity and ease) will not convince you. :)
The answer? There is no answer! You know Wicket better!
You have not experienced or tried anything concrete with Click. Do something with it and tell us if the Click Framework fits you needs in some project.



2013/9/11 Daniel Ford <daniel.clarke.ford@gmail.com>
Hi Dennis,

I have no much experience with Click and I cannot see how it makes this simpler.
But yes initially models in Wicket are not so easy to grasp.

I noticed the mail about stopping development on Click.

Can someone of you compare Click with Apache Wicket ?
If you have experience with both frameworks I'll be glad to hear what you believe Click does better than Wicket and what is better in Wicket.

Thank you in advance!