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From Jean-François Poilprêt <>
Subject Re: Apache Click Future
Date Thu, 19 Sep 2013 05:06:00 GMT

given that the attic is for projects that have reached "end of life", 
transferring Click there would not only mean that its development is 
stopped but also that it has become useless.

Personally, even though Click development has stalled, I would not say 
the project is useless. For me I would see it as a big waste, as I 
consider Click, in its current state, perfectly suitable for a range of 
web applications, and probably one of the simplest (although still 
powerful) java web frameworks on the market.

Maybe a third option would be to migrate the project to another open 
source hoster where you have less pressure on making the project live by 
creating new releases, developments... I have nothing against Apache, 
but I know working on a project on Apache can become cumbersome sometimes.
Transferring Click to another place may give it some more time to live 
on its own, with a reduced community (only Q&A and bug fixes), while 
waiting for greener fields...

Just my 2 cents

Jean-François Poilprêt

Le 09.09.2013 13:05, Malcolm Edgar a écrit :
> Hi All,
> The Apache Click project development has effectively stalled because 
> the remaining committers on the project do not have time to progress 
> its' development.
> At this point the project has two options, either grow the community 
> and active committers who can advance the project or it can be 
> migrated into the Apache Attic where the code will continue to be 
> available:
> I would like to gauge peoples interest at this point. Is anyone 
> wanting to pick up the mantle to continue the development of this 
> project, or should we migrate the project into the Apache Attic.
> regards

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