Hi Dennis,

Speaking only for myself here, I still support Click by answering questions, however I don''t currently do any development on it, partly because it does what I expect from a web framework but also because my time is currently limited for doing open source development.

There are a couple of fixes and features so a new release should be put out.

Before we can release we need to look at: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/CLK-306

I think a commit was done but MVEL doesn't pass all the tests, so might need to be rolled back?

In terms of reviving the project I assume you mean regular releases and new features. It really boils down to folk deciding on some features they want, someone writing the code or submit patches and cutting new releases.

Kind regards


On 2013/04/07 23:33, Dennis M. J. Yerger wrote:
Hello, everyone. The last version of Click was released in April of 2011. We are quickly approaching the two-year mark since that release. There has not been another release since then, which can mean only one thing: we've done it! We've created a Web framework so perfect it doesn't need any further updates. Jokes aside, the state of the project seems to be dormant or stagnant. This concerns me because I think it has great potential. Compared to Wicket, Click has a more intuitive programming model similar to Swing. However, Wicket enjoys an active community while Click has languished for the past nearly two years, which means a lack of support. What is the future of this project? What can we do to revive it?