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From Marco Gattei <>
Subject Re: Click Services
Date Tue, 30 Apr 2013 15:53:28 GMT
Hi Bob,

i like the Service idea very much.

     Having played with jQuery for a while,i always get in the need to 
have the data on the client side in JSON format, while usually they are 
modeled as  POJO on the server side.
I found this project from Google which does the job of generating JSON 
from POJOs.

worked very well form my case .


Il 27/04/2013 15:51, Bob Schellink ha scritto:
> Hi all,
> With HTML5 a new breed of applications have become common, the so 
> called single-page apps, where the client side is written entirely in 
> Javascript using jQuery, Dojo, Mootools etc. The server is used to 
> fetch data, through JSON.
> GWT is a possible choice for Java devs, however using Java for heavy 
> client side apps is a little clunky. Google also seems to have 
> abandoned GWT and moved resources to Dart.
> Click is mostly concerned with responding to requests with HTML code 
> so it isn't a good fit for these single-page apps.
> Most of these single-page apps use Rest frameworks as the backend.
> I've been wondering if it is worth adding a Service concept to Click 
> that can be used to serve up JSON/XML etc to single-page apps. The 
> Service would be a first class citizen similar to Page, but only with 
> the onInit lifecycle method. Other public methods is for handling the 
> request eg:
> class MyService {
>     public void onInit() {
>       // Only lifecycle method?
>     }
>     public ActionResult getPersonData() {
>     }
>     public ActionResult savePersonData() {
>     }
> }
> I'm not thinking of a Rest based architecture here, simply a JSON/XML 
> over HTTP service layer.
> ClickServlet might also have to be refactored into a Filter for more 
> flexible URL mappings.
> On the other hand this might just be reinventing the wheel. One thing 
> which would be nice with Click (compared to the other Rest frameworks) 
> is our integration with Velocity.
> Thoughts?
> Kind regards
> Bob

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