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From "Dennis M. J. Yerger" <>
Subject FW: Convention over Configuration
Date Sun, 06 Jan 2013 06:49:56 GMT

Happy new year, everyone!

A popular principle guiding many frameworks today is convention over configuration. This means
using naming patterns instead of writing XML files to automatically connect the pieces of
your application. Some popular frameworks follow this principle. Grails, Tapestry 5, Wicket,
and Struts 2 (with the help of the Convention plugin) are just three examples. Even Click
supports this principle to a limited degree (page names are automatically mapped to class
names). However it still relies on the click.xml file to make most other settings. I think
Click can benefit from using more conventions in its design so that the click.xml file becomes
optional or unnecessary altogether. Click is, in my opinion, an easy-to-use framework. Convention
over configuration would make it even easier. What do you think?
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