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From Malcolm Edgar <>
Subject JQuery and Dependency Management
Date Sun, 03 Jun 2012 11:35:05 GMT
Hi All,

I am looking at integrating some JQuery components into Click. Some things
we have used at my workplace JQuery DesktopMenu by Bob and probably some
form of datepicker (

Probably in the package:

There are a couple of things I would like to discuss, and get some opinions

#1 Dependency Management

These controls will have various JQuery JS dependencies and assets which we
can package in the distribution, or let people declare explicitly in their
HTML page template. Traditionally we have packages up all the JS
dependencies with Click as we want to make it easy for people to use.
However now with peoples extensive use of these libraries extensively in
their applications, so we will have potential issues with different
versions.  My thought on this is to include a properties file which
declares the various controls dependencies. People can then potentially
edit this properties file and override the default values:


# Desktop Menu components

The main problem I have with this, is that the properties file would be
buried deep in the package structure:
/org/apache/click/extras/jquery/  Alternatively
we could have this in the package root and call it something like:

#2 Prototype and JQuery

Traditionally these libraries are not compatible, as prototype modifies the
DOM.  In Click Extras we have a number of prototype controls, where were
popular before JQuery came to dominate (showing our age here).  Not sure if
this is fixed now, I have read about a JQuery.noConflict() function.

We have quite a few prototype controls, which I think should be moved into
their own package so its clear they have a prototype dependency.  This
change would require people to change their package imports, but other than
that it would be a pretty painless change.

Keen to hear peoples thoughts on this.


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