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From "gilbertoca [via click]" <>
Subject Re: Exception handling
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2012 14:00:26 GMT

Seema wrote
> I want to have a centralized mechanism for showing error messages in my
> pages for exceptions that are thrown to the UI layer. Instead of having a
> single error page across the app, I want to be able to show the error
> message in the same page that caused the error. I tried extending
> ClickServlet and overrided the handleException method where I'm able to
> get the error message corresponding to the exception. I need reference to
> the page object here so that I can set the error message as a bindable,
> but this method only takes the page class as the argument. Can someone
> suggest a solution?

Hi, Seema!

I recommend that you subscribe to the Apache Click mail-list[1].

I've forwarded you question for all community.




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