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From Malcolm Edgar <>
Subject Re: New click user --> congratulations to the Apache Click Team
Date Fri, 05 Nov 2010 09:14:51 GMT
Hi Stephane,

thanks for the feedback. Its always appreciated, even negative feedback is
useful. If you like JPA and Click please get the Click book as it has JPA
examples (

This is the perfect spot of more feed back or enhancements. Its often best
discussing these on the dev list before raising a JIRA item, as people can
discuss it.

regards Malcolm Edgar

On Fri, Nov 5, 2010 at 7:53 PM, St├ęphane NICOLAS <>wrote:

> Hello All,
> my name is Stephane. I've been a java programmer for 12 years now. I never
> liked web programming as I found web frameworks mostly bloated and
> encumbered by html-stateless/server stuff (I tested tapestry and struts). So
> I just stopped learning web programming 5 years ago and thought I would let
> things evolve and come back to the web when programming would be easier,
> more object oriented, more intellectually attractive indeed. I mostly
> considered web programming as a step backward in UI programming, mainly due
> to technologies that were never intended to do what we now want them to
> do...
> And last 3 weeks I spent quite a lot of time testing the Apache click
> framework. I discovered that people from Apache click addressed mostly all
> my concerns and
> found that Apache click is a wonderful component oriented web framework. In
> the last 3 weeks I could learn click and build a pretty complicated
> application (people, activities, participation, management application).
> So I just write my first email to this mailing list to say you how I love
> your work,
> I appreciate tremendously your efforts. It did change the way I understand
> web programming and I know love that.
> (and also love JPA, almost for the same reasons, but that's another topic).
> So thank you all for your great great work.     Click is just smashing.
> I hope to provide you with more feed back on a couple of stuff during the
> next weeks or so.
> Can I suggest new components or feature enhancements here ?
> St├ęphane

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