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From St├ęphane NICOLAS <>
Subject Re: New click user --> congratulations to the Apache Click Team
Date Fri, 05 Nov 2010 08:53:10 GMT
Hello All,

my name is Stephane. I've been a java programmer for 12 years now. I never
liked web programming as I found web frameworks mostly bloated and
encumbered by html-stateless/server stuff (I tested tapestry and struts). So
I just stopped learning web programming 5 years ago and thought I would let
things evolve and come back to the web when programming would be easier,
more object oriented, more intellectually attractive indeed. I mostly
considered web programming as a step backward in UI programming, mainly due
to technologies that were never intended to do what we now want them to

And last 3 weeks I spent quite a lot of time testing the Apache click
framework. I discovered that people from Apache click addressed mostly all
my concerns and
found that Apache click is a wonderful component oriented web framework. In
the last 3 weeks I could learn click and build a pretty complicated
application (people, activities, participation, management application).

So I just write my first email to this mailing list to say you how I love
your work,
I appreciate tremendously your efforts. It did change the way I understand
web programming and I know love that.
(and also love JPA, almost for the same reasons, but that's another topic).

So thank you all for your great great work.     Click is just smashing.

I hope to provide you with more feed back on a couple of stuff during the
next weeks or so.
Can I suggest new components or feature enhancements here ?


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