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From St├ęphane NICOLAS <>
Subject Feature Request :column groups in tables
Date Fri, 05 Nov 2010 10:30:08 GMT

I would like to suggest a first idea that seems not so difficult to
implement in click : column groups.

*Idea :*

When I developped my first click app, I had to build a few list views using
When tables become large, I think it s a good design to have the ability to
hide/unhide columns to increase the readability of data as it increases
focus on the most meaning full part of them.

Nevertheless, all the time the fields of items to expose in the list were
grouped. The idea is nothing new, it's exactly what field sets have been
designed for.

So I suggest that we had column groups in tables to mimic the behavior of
fields set for forms, but in tables.

*API :

*It would be nice to have an interface like this :
ColumnGroup groupPersonalData = new ColumnGroup( <name>, <label> );
Column columnName = new Column( <name>, <label>);
Column columnPhone = new Column( <name>, <label>);

groupPersonalData.add( columnName );
groupPersonalData.add( columnPhone );
table.add( groupPersonalData );

*Rendering :*

The html would be rendered as a normal table, with a first line (above
column names), a special header with the name of groupPersonalData with a
span of 2 (as it has 2 columns).

I got a few other ideas for fancier layouts but that would be nice already.

To hide and show the column, I would love to have a
groupPersonalData.setVisible( <boolean> );
but I feel like click doesn't want to go that way and would prefer let
people use a css style or css class to achieve that.

*Implementation :*

Well, on that side, just a few words, I am sure most people here will get
better ideas than mine.
Table class :
- add a property List<ColumnGroup>
- a few methods to add/remove them
- modify getColumnCount and other related methods
- modify rendering/template add a tr row containing ths for groups with a
span attribute, ungoruped columns would have an empty th of span 1 or a
group one or none if they are no columngroups in the table.

*FormTable* :

The same would also be applicable to FormTable class, and FieldSets there
could have the same role as column groups for editable fields.

Thanks in advance for your time and feedback,

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