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From St├ęphane NICOLAS <>
Subject Page flows within a click application
Date Fri, 12 Nov 2010 15:24:34 GMT
Hi all,

I got a question that remains unanswered after many attempts to solve it :
page flows.

I made a pretty app with click. It handles the editing and listing of 6
different types of data, all interlinked.
But I don't have a very good model to deal with the page flow inside my

--- All I want is a button, on each page to come back to where you come
(and of course I got many links inside my app to go to different pages)

*It seems to me that if I use the "referrer" technique, with hidden fileds
on post and url params on get, I can achieve only one level of depth to
remember the page where I come from. But I can't remember the pages before

*If I use the history.back (javascript) technique, it 's not possible to
deal with the post mechanism inside the application, it always
gonna resubmit. It prevent that with a onSecurityCheck but then a user would
get errors just by coming back to a page S/he posted.

So, I don't see clearly a clean model to ease page navigation and that
remains a real mystery to me.

One solution though would be to put a kind of history in the session, but
having done all those efforts not to rely on sessions, putting hidden fields
every where, it seems a pity.

Thanks in advance,

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