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From "Adrian A." <>
Subject Re: Quickstart - CLK-531
Date Mon, 04 Oct 2010 11:25:23 GMT
> Just be careful with JAG as it's GPL and viral, so best not to look at their source code.
Of course. I just gave it as an example as a tool that allows custom 
templates too, that are grouped as a "project", so that at generation, 
the user needs to give as input only very few values if it's using the 
"defaults" (but many other tools allow this concept too).

E.g. CayenneModeler allows this too, but it's a little bit complicated 
to deal with custom code generation, and improve it to allow directly 
from CM to simply generate a Click based project.

So, the main idea Qu(/Cl)ickStart is to have a generic tree like 
structure of objects for the default values and for input values (for 
custom values too) in order to greatly simplify the template creation, 
thus allowing a quick and easy creation of custom templates too (e.g. 
from existing and successful project structures).

One questions that remains is where to host it?
(where the actual quickstart is located)
or in:

Since it has several small(except the first) modules:


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