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From "florin.g" <>
Subject Re: HTML5: data-* atrributes
Date Fri, 01 Oct 2010 23:53:37 GMT

It so appears but not quite.

The serverside will repeat the html fragment that is provided by the web

The easiest to illustrate this is with is a list: <ul id="xyz"
class="c1"><li class="c2"></li></ul>. 

The designer provides the html that is the true template for the data. All
that the serverside needs to do is repeat the <li> as formatted. The
following is the logical flow:

HtmlList hList = renderedPage.getElement("myListId");
List<String> items = db.getItems();
foreach (item: items) {

So, the serverside does not really build the html but repeats the html
provided. In this case, no component will ever have it's own html embedded
as it is the case in most frameworks.

In the case that there is text needs to be repeated in each <li>, the
designer will provided inside the <li> as such: <li>Item span id="someId"

The ultimate goal is that the html code is never hidden in java code. 

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