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From "florin.g" <>
Subject Re: HTML5: data-* atrributes
Date Thu, 30 Sep 2010 16:45:50 GMT


Keep an open mind for a second. 

How about if we don't use velocity?

Here's what I'd do, but I don't have the time (sometime I believe the
brains) to implement such a thing:

Use the html element ID to identify the mapped java object on the server.
Process as needed - if text bound to server data (such as a first name of a
person), the client side would be a  tag; if the element is a structural
element (table row, selection option) then the server side would do the

Example 1:

<p>Dear , we announce a great party this weekend ().</p> 

The example above will eliminate the use of velocity on the client side:

Example 2:

<table id="invitationsList">
   <tr id="listItem">
        <td class="some-class" id="firstName></td>
        <td id="lastName" class="another-class"></td>
        <td>Name tag color: </td>

Now, the serverside will know that this a collection and will deal

Why not? To me it is like a dream come true. Whenever I see php or jsp in an
html page, ah. Would this not eliminate velocity completely? Not only so,
but you will eliminate the building of any html on the serverside too. Page
designers will have full control over the page. The use of page fragments
will facilitate reusable components.

Do I make any sense?

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