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From Andrei Ionescu <>
Subject Re: Ohloh data about click not quite actual.
Date Mon, 26 Jul 2010 07:45:10 GMT
>> Lot's of users when compare Click to other projects, point out as a
>> "disadvantage" of Click the data from
>> I haven't used that before, and I'm not sure why it's the "authority" in
>> the open source scene, but those statistics there for Click look quite
>> outdated (e.g. last commit is from January) and make Click look less
>> valuable than it is.
> It looks like even as non-manager of the project there, I was allowed to
> change important data of the project (including the new SVN url to fetch
> the actual commits)
It looks like the stats  about commits are still the old (last checkin 
in January 2010).
This might be due to the fact that Bob changed the SVN URL from:

during the "parsing" procedure that took several hours.
(it's mentioned in their docs that if URLs are changed during 
processing, their script will intercept, and fallback or do something 
else unexpected)


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