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From "Adrian A." <>
Subject Re: Ajax demos and docs
Date Tue, 06 Jul 2010 07:52:57 GMT
> I'm going to start on the docos and examples for Ajax support.
> I'm thinking of adding a new chapter to to the docbook covering Behaviors and Page actions.
+1 for a new chapter since this is a too important feature.

> I
> don't think we should cover Ajax itself as there are existing articles which does a good
job already.
Yes. No need to cover Ajax, only to mention what and how does Click to 
ease the use of Ajax.

> As far as example goes I'm thinking of three simple examples using raw JS, jQuery and
It might be useful if at least some of the jQuery and Prototype examples 
would cover the exact same "example", so that the users could easily 
compare them and extrapolate the general.

> Thoughts?
It would be fantastic if Click would have the Ajax docs and examples you 

 > Anything in particular we should cover?
Maybe for later, something about advanced Ajax usage with Click and 
"patterns" could be very useful I think (and reduce the number of usage 
  1. Controls that change state on the server without the user to hit 
submit. E.g. - a Slider, a SortedList, InlineEdit.
  2. The use of Repeater and other dynamic forms with Ajax.
  3. preview as you type, and autosave (e.g. for TextArea or other 
similar controls)
  4. a little about click-jquery.
  5. Some hints about how users could integrate other JS frameowrks on 
their own, e.g. ExtJS, YUI, etc.
  6. How to make the Performance Filter work with Ajax and dynamic 
loading of JavaScript (done by some JavaScript libraries).
  7. Servlet 3.0 Asynchronous (Comet) Processing with Click.


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