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From Malcolm Edgar <>
Subject Apache Click 3
Date Sun, 25 Jul 2010 13:28:35 GMT
Hi All,

I want to start a discussion about a potential Apache Click 3
development branch.

The objective of a version 3 would be to:
 * provide a more explicit and consistent programming model
 * target HTML 5 support
 * introduce new rendering pipeline, to significantly improve
performance and enable pluggable component renderers
 * remove troublesome parts of the framework, and simplify the architecture

With a change of this nature I don't think we can expect to maintain
100% backward compatibility with Apache Click 2.x. Breaking backward
compatibility is a big deal as you potentially alienate many users and
organisations. So any change breaking backward compatibility needs
have a significant benefit to justify its inclusion. To assist with
migrating applications from 2 to 3, it would be good to provide some a
Ant task to perform refactoring as a head start.

Please note the effort in migrating a v2 to v3 application should not
be significant. I do not want to see a Tapestry like scenario, where
people are isolated on older branches.

I think the 2.x branch should continue for sometime with minor feature
improvements and bug fixes.

What do people think about this?

regards Malcolm Edgar

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