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From Finn Bock <>
Subject Performance, velocity Renderable and Decorator
Date Thu, 15 Jul 2010 12:31:23 GMT

I wanted to see if the Renderable[1] interface in velocity 1.6 could
be used to improved performance in click. And indeed it can!

I have made a quick and dirty hack that makes click-bench CLICK test
perform more than 40% faster. From 567 to 839 request per second
(average of 3 run after 1 discarded warm up run).

The patch can be found here:

The patch add Renderable to our Control interface and an
implementation of the interface in AbstractControl that uses an
implementation of HtmlStringBuffer that writes directly to the output
writer. It also changes the Decorator interface:

-    public String render(Object object, Context context);
+    public void render(Object object, Context context,
HtmlStringBuffer buffer);

so that columns can be written directly to the table's buffer.

The drawback of the patch are:
* Direct dependency on velocity
* Changes to the Decorator interface.

I think the Decorator change can be made backward compatible by adding
a fast Decorator2 interface and eventually deprecating the slower
Decorator interface.

The dependency on velocity.jar is IMO acceptable for such a large
performance gain.

The patch contains some unused code in VelocityTemplateService that
tries to avoid the dependency of velocity.jar, and while it improves
performance of the CLICK test, it makes the CLICK+velocity test slower
due to the overhead of registrring a ReferenceInsertionEventHandler in



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