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From "Md. Jahid Shohel" <>
Subject Re: Proposal: drop stateful page support
Date Sun, 18 Jul 2010 08:37:48 GMT
It is true that stateful pages gives some flexibility on developers end.
That is one of the reason people likes Wicket. Also what Adrian suggested is
a good idea too. That way Click can get rid of stateful complicacies and
still have the statefulness on an extended project.

On Sun, Jul 18, 2010 at 10:21 AM, Adrian A. <> wrote:

> Stateful pages have been giving me headaches ever since they were
>> introduced in 1.4/1.5 and I'm
>> proposing that we remove them.
>> Stateful pages not only complicate the Click codebase but conceptually
>> they are difficult to
>> understand compared to a stateless page which starts every request with a
>> clean slate.
>> I also think they are too easy to use (and abuse). Consider this scenario:
>> you have a table with
>> sort and paging state that you want to store while the user navigates
>> between pages. The obvious
>> answer is to make the page stateful. However, not only is the table sort
>> and paging state stored,
>> but the entire Page including its model Map, control List, i18n messages
>> and every Page variable is
>> stored as well. And all you really wanted was to store 4 objects in the
>> session.
>> I propose we deprecate the method Page.setStateful for 2.3.0-M1. Sadly
>> there isn't any upgrade path
>> for existing code bases. Stateful pages simply have to be converted to
>> stateless Pages and the view
>> state will have to be managed by the users or custom Controls that manage
>> their state themselves.
>> Any objections? ;)
> This feature is since ages in there, and already just too many applications
> made use of it :(.
> (Had myself too converted some Wicket apps to Click)
> I understand that it complicates the Click codebase, and it also has some
> bad impact on performance, but it is a very useful feature especially for
> RIA apps and for quick prototyping - people just love it (and yes, they
> abuse it too, but they get the job done very fast this way).
> Would it be possible at least to have this feature as an external project
> though (e.g. by an extended functionality of PageInterceptor or some other
> way) ?
> Adrian.

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