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From Andrew Fink <>
Subject Re: Apache Click 3
Date Thu, 29 Jul 2010 06:09:18 GMT
My 2 cents:

1) instead of self-made log facade

2) data/business/entity objects "binding".
Now Click application source code looks like this:

Form personForm = new Form();
TextField srcAddr name =
DateField birth =
Select status =

onInit: load Person, copy data from Person to Form

copy data from Form to Person, save Person

With binding


same should work for any control without form (read only binding -
like Table now),

where Control name is Data object property name (or better ongl expression)

after onGet/onPost is form is valid then auto copy not read only
enabled form fields to data object

3) JSR-303 Bean Validation API for these data objects

4) popup/dialog windows support "out-of-box"
(javascript + div)


5) freemarker as default template engine ;-)

6) useful ideas from others frameworks (I don't know which exactly)

Best regards,
Andrew P.Fink

mob.: +7(915)405-4296
Fax: +7(347)293-09-13

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