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From "Adrian A." <>
Subject Re: Removing OgnlOps, ConcurrentReaderHashMap and WebappLoader
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2010 12:13:38 GMT

>>>>             Also regarding the javassist dependency, this shouldn't be a
>>>>             problem
>>>>             cause the scope of the dependency is "provided":
>>>         I assume that is maven-speak :) Does provided mean optional?
>>     I think it's something like this - if the users "provides" it at
>>     runtime, than it will be used, otherwise it's not required.
> No, it is a dependence!
> It means ognl won't work if you (you environment) don't have it[1]. (for
> example: javax.annotation is provided, if you don't have it nothing works!)
> [1]
Isn't this because such code is also using javax.annotation directly?
(In the case of OGNL, Click code is not using javassist directly).

If it would be a runtime dependence, than would be quite strange 
considering that I asked the actual developer of OGNL to remove the 
dependency if it's possible, and his answer was:
"But the scope is "provided", so it isn't a problem"  :).

P.S. I'm so thankful that Click is using ANT :).

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