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From "Md. Jahid Shohel" <>
Subject Re: Click annotation
Date Mon, 14 Jun 2010 12:50:33 GMT
Hi George,

Thanks for your reply. The part which might look complicated is only the
configuration part. And that is because my implementation does not come with
Click distribution, if so then we could also avoid the configuration part.
Which means, we could start using it without any configuration. I hope
someday this will get integrated into Click.

And I agree with you, if the xml is dead simple, then its easier to use the
xml configuration. But if it starts to get more messy on xml, then I prefer
annotations, because they are less error pron. However, I believe this is
all about choice of individuals. I just thought to start doing something for
click, and since I am not a commiter, so i did that on google code.

And yes, I believe, I will start looking into issues on issue tracker soon,
and will try to contribute there.

I appreciate your response and giving your view. And I will appreciate more
if you can come up with some good suggestion to make the annotations better
and more helpful :)



On Mon, Jun 14, 2010 at 2:19 PM, georgex <> wrote:

> Md. Jahid Shohel wrote:
> >
> > I have created annotations based configuration/usability for click. Using
> > which you can replace  click.xml based configurations. Please check if
> you
> > like it. Also, if there is something you feel is missing, please let me
> > know
> > (the the user group or direct mail me). The current version is 1.0-RC1.
> > The
> > details can be found on -
> >
> > * Project home page -
> >
> >
> >
> > * Click annotation home page -
> >
> >
> Nice work.
> There looks to be something similar in work:
> Not trying to be picky, but reading the documentation and giving it a try,
> this all looks to me a lot more complicated than a a few-liner, dead-simple
> XML :( .
> Not sure how is everybody's workflow, but I just copy over click.xml form
> examples at project start, modify it a little and ready after a few
> seconds.
> For rest of the following weeks or months of project work, I barely touch
> that click.xml.
> thanks,
> George.
> p.s. as a noob, I can't let the feeling that the skilled developers are
> trying to improve Click in places where's not much gain. There are so many
> open issues that would really bring big leaps: see the Popular Issues from
> --
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