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From Finn Bock <>
Subject Setting character encoding on individual pages.
Date Fri, 18 Jun 2010 19:21:09 GMT

Normally I use UTF-8 for the request character encoding, but a few
pages needs to accept requests from other systems that uses a
different encoding for request parameters. I can achieve that by
setting the character encoding in the page constructor or doing it in
a page-interceptors preCreate() method.

Except when the application is running in TRACE mode due to the
logging at the beginning of ClickServlet.createPage(context):

        // Log request parameters
        if (logger.isTraceEnabled()) {
            logger.trace("   is Ajax request: " + context.isAjaxRequest());

since access to parameters means that subsequent changes to the
character encoding is ignored.

Would it by reasonable to move the logRequestParameters() call down to
after the pageinterceptor.preCreate() call?


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