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From Bob Schellink <>
Subject Removing OgnlOps, ConcurrentReaderHashMap and WebappLoader
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2010 08:20:53 GMT
We have a number of dependencies that I'd like to address for the next release.

1. The version of OgnlOps we ship with Click which contains a fix to BigDecimal handling.
From my
understanding the idea was to override the OgnlOps shipped with Ognl.jar. The assumption is
Click.jar is loaded before Ognl.jar, however that isn't necessarily the case. I know WebLogic
some strange ways of ordering jar loading. So I'd like to remove that file and copy the BigDecimal
handling into Click's RequestTypeConverter.

I don't think upgrading is an option as Ognl has dependencies on Javaassist and the project
development is quite obscure.

2. Drop ConcurrentReaderHashMap and use JDK5 ConcurrentHashMap. I know there were concerns
wrt Spring but it isn't clear what those issues are. We can always revert once we have more

3. We should rename WebappLoader as it can have the same issue as #1 if Velocity Tools is
in a Click project.

Kind regards


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