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From Bob Schellink <>
Subject Deprecation OnDeploy (Was: Issues or no issue...)
Date Tue, 15 Jun 2010 14:20:44 GMT
On 15/06/2010 23:05, Md. Jahid Shohel wrote:
> I still see onDeploy has more potential then making it deprecated. There
> are lots of things that developer can do when the application is
> deploying. I can give one example, the spring integration I have written
> (more details can be found on
> loads up the
> spring context during the deploy time -
> <controls>
>     <control classname=""/>
> </controls>
> This is just an example that what we can do on deploy. There are many
> other things we can do, we can prepare services common services which
> need to intercept each call without writing a filter, we can prepare
> services (spring, JPA, Hibernate) which will be singleton service
> through out the application. And since its singleton and so the only
> perfect place we can load up the singleton service is onDeploy. But I
> totally agree with you, that this does not need to be a Control. We can
> just make a separate one.

Doesn't a ServletContextListener make more sense for this? It provides proper lifecycle management
inside a Servlet container as well as a shutdown routine. It is also the standard way to provide
such functionality.

> I agree with you, that there is no use case which can make .htm or .jsp
> named folders. But logic wise it did not seems correct that we do not
> check if its a file or folder. Any naughty developer can make a .htm
> folder inside the / and that .htm folder will still be processed on
> deploy time, and will try to figure out its variables and auto bind them.

I just did a quick test on Tomcat6, created a folder called 'test.htm', and started up the
app. The
path passed into isTemplate() ended with a slash '/', so the check correctly returned false.



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