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From "Adrian A." <>
Subject Re: [jira] Closed: (CLK-671) Upgrade to Checkstyle 5.1
Date Wed, 26 May 2010 07:34:06 GMT
> Oh. I don't think there is a need to run checkstyle on binaries though.
Checkstyle is not "running" on binaries - it only needs them for 
implementation simplicity (internal stuff I guess).

> Can we just remove those
> checks that require binary.
Practically most would require the binaries (or might).
This is why they were included in the classpath (by Malcolm?) from the 
<checkstyle config="build/checkstyle-checks.xml">
   <fileset dir="framework/src/org/apache/click/" includes="**/*.java"/>
   <fileset dir="extras/src" includes="**/*.java"/>
   <fileset dir="mock/src" includes="**/*.java"/>
   <classpath refid="classpath.checkstyle"/>

<path id="classpath.checkstyle">
   <pathelement location="framework/classes"/>
   <pathelement location="extras/classes"/>
   <pathelement location="mock/classes"/>

usually when working in IDEs (if project paths are configured 
correctly), there will always be compiled classes there.

For running on the server, we might add that "depends" property, or 
simply inform and let the user do it (the same way it happens with 
get-deps too - the user must call it).


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