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From "Adrian A." <>
Subject Re: [jira] Closed: (CLK-671) Upgrade to Checkstyle 5.1
Date Wed, 26 May 2010 06:12:31 GMT
> The changes seems reasonable. Running checkstyle on the codebase throws the following
error though.
> Any ideas?
> [checkstyle] C:\click-svn\framework\src\org\apache\click\service\
Got an
> exception - java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to get class information for @throws tag
> 'TemplateException'.
This happens because the new check rules need the class binaries too (to 
be able to perform correctness checking), so checkstyle must be run only 
after the compilation of the sources.

Since our build.xml doesn't have individual "compile" tasks, one needs 
to run build-all first.
I haven't changed:
<target name="checkstyle" description="run checkstyle report on Java 

<target name="checkstyle" depends="build-all" description="run 
checkstyle report on Java soruce">

because of speed and output reasons (build-all generates lot of output 
on itself)

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