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From Bob Schellink <>
Subject Re: Sourcecode at 80 chars width only?
Date Sun, 23 May 2010 09:35:50 GMT
On 23/05/2010 18:37, Adrian A. wrote:

> Oh :). The practice(requirement) on most projects where I worked was to
> make the windows on the right to (auto)hide when the editor windows in
> the center has the focus. This is simple to achieve with IntelliJ, and
> I've seen others with NB doing too - I'm sure Eclipse has something like
> this too. There must be also shortcuts for each operation (for very fast
> and efficient work).

I'm pretty sure there are shortcuts for fullscreen editor mode, but dislike it personally.
the code hierarchy on the left keeps me orientated. In fact I've never seen developers use
fullscreen editor mode which just goes to show how different developer environments can be

> I checked 100 too right after George posted this thread, but 100
> wouldn't bring much - just too many simple one line statements would be
> still on two lines :( (only some of the javadocs would take a little
> less vertical space) :(.
> IMHO, if it's worth doing it, than only at 120.

I'm sure even 120 won't be enough for some statements. The other thing to consider is that
width influence the length of statements. With 80 one generally breaks code into shorter statements
(in my mind a good thing). 120 would encourage long chained statements which are hard to unravel.

> Could you please point to that branch? (Two?) click users are about to
> publish their (re)view on the
> Ajax WIKI proposal, and I was kindly asked to take a look.

I haven't actually checked it in, it was just a local branch to experiment with. If all goes
I'll merge it in during the week.

Kind regards


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