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From Bob Schellink <>
Subject Re: Sourcecode at 80 chars width only?
Date Sun, 23 May 2010 08:06:54 GMT
I much prefer scrolling vertically than horizontally. Did a quick test on my laptop and 120
is too
wide. I often have windows on the left and right of the editor. Perhaps 100 is more reasonable.
Remember that not only code but also docbook will be affected by this change.

If we do make this change I'd really like to hold this off until I integrate the Ajax code
I've developed on a separate branch.

Kind regards


On 23/05/2010 17:42, Adrian A. wrote:
>>> I see that the Click sourcecode is formatted at 80 chars width, but
>>> this is a
>>> very very old
>>> convention from the times of text based CRTs.
>>> Why not use 120? (like the standard in most companies these days)?
>>> It makes the code more readable, and there's no screen estate problem
>>> - on
>>> the contrary, there's no need to scroll down so much for every small
>>> thing.
>>> The 80 chars width convention also makes no sense for Java since it
>>> has so
>>> "verbose" naming (compared to the C code style), so just too many simple
>>> statements go on a second line.
>> Good catch George :).
>> Indeed, the "80-style" makes the code uglier for Java, and also less
>> compact and less readable than the "120-style" one.
>> +1 for reformatting the code to 120.
> Now with 2.2.0 out, I would like to reformat the code to 120, for the
> reasons mentioned.
> Are there any issues why we shouldn't do this?
> Thanks in advance,
> Adrian.

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