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From "Adrian A." <>
Subject Re: Static menu methods
Date Thu, 04 Mar 2010 12:34:26 GMT
> With regard to the Menu creation. I would like to see a builder
> pattern used. I have used this in a work application and I am very
> happy with the results. The builder class can also support alternative
> caching options (CLK-405)
Could you please attach that MenuBuilder to one of the menu issues ?
(In CLK-405 you mention a Factory pattern in the comment instead of the 
Builder pattern)

> In terms of rolling this pattern into Click, I would suggest a 2 step strategy:
> version 2.2  add class and
> depreciate the static factory methods on the Menu class
> version 2.3 or 2.4  remove the static factory methods on the Menu class
OK, I'll do it so.
I will also update the click-examples and QuickStart to use this new 

> In terms of adding arbitrary properties to the Menu class (CLK-407),
> we could dynamically load other properties (visible, enabled, etc.)
> from Menu XML attributes.
I already checked those in.
There remains only the question of propagating or not the properties in 
the child nodes too?:

Thank you,


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