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From Bob Schellink <>
Subject Re: HTTP GET should not change the data on the server?
Date Mon, 29 Mar 2010 11:06:18 GMT
One of the main reasons to have replayable GET requests is so you can cache the content for
access websites. If you are developing a non-public low traffic website there is no reason
to cache 
the result and no reason not to take advantage of the simplicity of GET requests.

The Click example could be implemented with GET or POST requests, nothing in Click stops you
using one or the other. For example, instead of having a "delete" link, the example could
implemented by having a "Delete" button on the edit-customer.htm page. However the user now
has to 
select the customer before deleting it. Alternatively the table could be wrapped in a Form
checkboxes used to select which row to delete, ala gmail.

kind regards


On 29/03/2010 09:18 PM, georgex wrote:
> I read and hear everywhere that HTTP GET should not change the data on the
> server.
> (Only POST, or if a RESt style is used, than POST, PUT (for update), and
> If I run however the click-examples with FireBug, than I see that delete
> operations happen with a HTTP GET :(.
> thanks,
> George.

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