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From Finn Bock <>
Subject Re: v.2.2.0 development notes
Date Sun, 14 Feb 2010 22:10:22 GMT
2010/2/14 Bob Schellink <>:
> Hi Finn,
> Thanks for your thorough review. ...

You are welcome, and thank you for your answers.

Another question.

1) How do I pass request parameters into the ajax call (like a
database id param) and will the parameter be bound to the @Bindable.

> For #2 or #3 the Control/Behavior can include its dependencies, including a
> default JS template.

That is good.

> ...
>> 4) How does it handle multiple dom updates? Taconite?
> For jQuery I think the taconite plugin is pretty good. I'm not sure if other
> JS frameworks have plugins for taconite though.
> From Click's perspective it only knows about the Partial object that it
> streams back to the client. Whether a Partial implementation supports
> multiple DOM updates will be determined by the client-side technology used.

That means that the java API that I use in my application depends on
the javascript framework? If that is the case: yuck.

>> I think the target dom (or control) element(s) must be named when the
>> partial is created, otherwise it is too hard to read and understand an
>> ajax click application.
> Could you expand on this? I would imagine that if Taconite is used it won't
> be necessary to specify the target.

Yes, when taconite is used, the target control is named together with
the new content and that is IMO as it should be. I just think that a
simple replace should be part of the Partial interface and not depend
on my choice of JQuery as the framework.

How would the choice of framework version be controlled? or put
another way how could I made AjaxBehavior use the same version of
JQuery that the rest of my application uses?


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