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From "Adrian A." <>
Subject Re: Update RichTextArea example
Date Sun, 12 Jul 2009 14:40:11 GMT
> We need to be careful about adding further JavaScript dependencies. 
> JSCalendar was abandoned. The CalendarDateSelect project seems to have 
> lost steam.
> I guess that is the risk of relying on libraries that only have a single 
> developer.
This is how most of the very good quality software is - with only one 
main developer
that does most of the work and keeps the "vision".
When the team is big, the software is bloated too, and just plain 
mediocre :). Of course that this is a an over-generalization from my 
side, but just way too many open source projects fit in this scenario :).

> Looking further into Nicedit today, it seems to have the same problem in 
> that there is only a single developer on the project. 
> Furthermore I'm 
> not even sure its a true open source project. 
It has a MIT license.

> At least I could not find 
> the source repository on the site.
It's here:

> Come to think of it, perhaps Nicedit isn't a viable replacement for YUI 
> at this stage.
> An alternative might be Xinha[1] which is used by Apache Roller.
I'm not sure if Roller is the best example :).


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