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From Bob Schellink <>
Subject Re: Sync ClickIDE and Click release cycles
Date Fri, 24 Jul 2009 06:55:12 GMT
Hi Naoki,

Naoki Takezoe wrote:
> I think it's difficult to sync Click and ClickIDE version perfectly.
> ClickIDE follows Click release cycle in major update.
> However it may be minor updated separated from Click release cycle.
> As one idea. Can I use x.x.x.x format for ClickIDE version numbering?
> For example, the initial version of ClickIDE which corresponds to
> Apache Click 2.1.0 is
> First three number mean Click version and last one number means
> ClickIDE minor version.
> How do you think about this?

Agreed, that could work. We still need to figure out a way for Click and 
ClickIDE to catch up on 2.1.0. Click is just now moving to 2.1.0, while ClickIDE 
is already at 2.1.0.

Please note that if this suggestion upsets ClickIDE release cycle too much we 
should probably stick with the current strategy of having ClickIDE 3.0.0.

kind regards


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