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From Bob Schellink <>
Subject Re: Update RichTextArea example
Date Sun, 12 Jul 2009 16:36:05 GMT
Adrian A. wrote:
> This is how most of the very good quality software is - with only one 
> main developer
> that does most of the work and keeps the "vision".

Interesting viewpoint although not something I subscribe to myself. In software 
projects, if the knowledge and load isn't shared, there is always the risk of 
the main developer losing interest and the project becoming abandoned.

> When the team is big, the software is bloated too, and just plain 
> mediocre :).

I don't buy this either. The team is normally big if the scope of the project is 
large. That is why its important to pick software that fits the problem space. 
If all you need is a servlet engine use Tomcat or Jetty. If you need all the 
features of a Websphere, well then that is what you should use.

> It's here:

Ah, it doesn't seem like they link to it from their site though? Scanning their 
repository it seems the last commit was 6 months ago?

> I'm not sure if Roller is the best example :).

Xinha is just a Javascript editor, independent of Roller. I'm mentioning Xinha 
because its also released under an Apache compatible license.

Please note, I'm not arguing for or against Nicedit or Xinha. Only that we 
understand the risk of including these libraries with Click because once we ship 
them we have to support them. And if the JavaScript library becomes abandoned we 
might end up having to replace them, which is a pain as was the case with 



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