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From Bob Schellink <>
Subject Re: Click 2.1.0-RC1 Documentation Tweaks
Date Mon, 06 Jul 2009 22:13:52 GMT
Ted Husted wrote:
> I've had a chance to go through the (truly excellent) documentation,
> and, from a mentor perspective came up with a few notes.
> [Click versus Apache Click]
> Ideally, we should sprinkle in more references to "Apache Click" to
> reinforce the branding. Typically, we would want to refer Apache Click
> at the beginning of major section, and then reduce that to Click later
> on.

Will fix for the next release.

> [blog]
> Ideally, we should open up an account at, and start
> posting blog entries there instead.

Didn't know about Apache's blog. I'll open a JIRA as indicated in Gavin's mail.

> [friends of click]
> The ASF has some top-level sponsors, and we shouldn't dilute their
> support by overusing the word sponsor. In reference to the last
> section of Click Online, I'd suggest taking a look at what Jackrabbit
> does with their "Thanks" links.

OK, in the meantime I've removed sponsors from the website.
My only real concern was with YourKit (I use it frequently to gauge Click's performance)
but I notice JackRabbit provides attribution to them as well, so we'll do the same.

> After that, and the other changes Bob indicated elsewhere, I think we
> should consider applying for graduation from the incubator. There will
> always be more to do on the code-side, but from a community and
> packaging perspective, Apache Click seems (more than) ready to rock.

We actually attempted for graduation back in April. Discussion can be found here[1]. In the
end it 
was decided that we need a bit more time to expand our committer base.

kind regards



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