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From Bob Schellink <>
Subject Re: How complete is "module support" now?
Date Wed, 01 Jul 2009 17:40:54 GMT
Andrei Ionescu wrote:
> 1. How complete is "module support" now in Click?

There were some discussions awhile ago about creating an official 
module system but it has fallen to the wayside abit.

> 2. Can I (make and) reuse a "click module" in several webapplications? 
> If yes, how? (I couldn't find too much doco about it :( ).

I imagine you can, although I've not done this myself. Create a 
project and add all resources (including .htm templates) under the 
META-INF/web folder. At runtime Click will deploy these resources for 
you. Click supports multiple packages so you can map each module's 
package in your click.xml.

> 3. Does this work in a "plug-able" way (just copy the JAR, and specify 
> the module in click.xml)?

See above.

> 4. How to "decorate" the pages from the module(s) with the main border 
> page? since it's not known in the module, and Click does not seem to 
> support SiteMesh for such a purpose.

Why do you say Sitemesh doesn't work with Click? Sitemesh is basically 
a filter that scrapes the body and head elements to add different 
border content. There should be no problem.

Pages from different modules will most likely be specified in 
different packages so they should just work with the main border page. 
Let us know if find this to the contrary.

kind regards


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