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From Bob Schellink <>
Subject 2.1.0 final oustanding issues
Date Fri, 19 Jun 2009 15:30:19 GMT
Malcolm Edgar wrote:
> #2 - http://localhost:8080/click-examples/form/extra-controls-form.htm
> the DateField calendar does not display in the page

OK figured out how to produce the error. The problem only occurs in 
production modes. Under certain conditions duplicate resources can be 
imported in production mode when some components uses getHtmlImports 
and others uses getHeadElements. The problem comes in when PageImports 
tries to detect if an import is already imported, it checks against an 
Element's "src" or "href" attribute. Since getHeadElements returns an 
Element with the Click version already part of the "src" or "href" 
attribute and Elements only apply their version indicator at rendering 
time PageImports compared a non-versioned attribute to a versioned 
attribute and included the duplicate.

I've checked in a fix however for 2.1.0 final I'd like to convert 
Click control htmlImports to the new headElements approach.

I'd also like to move the examples to use standards mode (DOCTYPE) 
instead of quirks mode and move from a Table layout to using Divs.

kind regards


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