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From Bob Schellink <>
Subject Serialization issues
Date Wed, 10 Jun 2009 20:54:45 GMT
Hi all,

Couple of Serialization issue we need to address before RC1.

1. The new Element class is referenced by both Page and 
AbstractControl but it is not Serializable. So either it needs to be 
Serializable or references to Element must be transient.

2. AccessController is also not Serializable but is referenced by Menu 
so we need to make a decision on this as well

3. Page is not Serializable and subclasses that are set to stateful 
needs to implement the Serializable interface. I've noticed though 
that a Serializable subclass does not serialize the state of its 
superclass. So none of the Page state is actually restored after the 
server restarts. After a server restart a stateful Page will become 
stateless because that is the default value of the stateful property. 
Also the Page model and control list is empty after restart. So I'm 
wondering if we shouldn't make Page serializable so that it is 
properly restored after restart?


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