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From "Adrian A." <>
Subject Re: [clickclick] Build.xml fails ...
Date Thu, 21 May 2009 18:06:14 GMT
>> The build seems to fail now again because of some missing Calendar 
>> component :( :
>> this package however is not yet in the Click trunk :(.
> It was but got removed yesterday. I've updated the demo.
After that change it was still not compiling. I fixed it and now it 

The build process  also seems to fail on Vista from time to time because
of the JavaDoc: strangely it can't access some files that are there.
Running one more time, will make it work mostly, but it's still annoying.
(it might be an execution "sequence" problem) - I couldn't find a way to 
reproduce constantly the problem.

IMHO in the mean time, the "javadoc" task should not be executed on 
"build-all". May I remove that task dependency?

For the future, maybe a better idea would be to:
1. use SVN external as a dependency for Click trunk (this way the IDE
would use it constantly from there and only what's in trunk)
2. use a CI server for ClickClick too.
I know, a CI server was promised after the Click TLP graduation, but now 
that the graduation "failed", could we get a CI instance like other 

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