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From "Adrian A." <>
Subject Re: Click Release Strategy
Date Thu, 21 May 2009 13:46:55 GMT
Other issues (after the #1 -> #4 were resolved):

#5 -
  "Link control to be able to render both icon an text"
  Contains two patches - one for click-examples too (the example
  is also practical for CLK-545)

#6 -
   "Better rendering of disabled link controls"
   No patch, but the required changes are described in the issue comment.
   It works on the browsers Click usually supports (see the above
   LinkDemo example too)

#7 -
   "Menu improvements - more properties: enable/disable, show/hide"
   No patch, but it's just a matter of adding those two properties with
   getters and setters:
     protected boolean disabled;
     protected boolean hidden;
   "Menu improvements - allow setting the cache strategy."
   Since the menu seems like the most problematic component, IMHO this
   issue too should be solved to before releasing click-2.1.0, so that
   the users aren't forced to hack the Menu all the time.
   I suppose Bob's solution would do it.

   "Update resources for several controls"
   IMHO this should be done periodically with all resources of Click,
   since new browser versions bring new bugs too. Right now, those from
   this issue would be a nice improvement for click-2.1.0

   "SimpleLink control" (or improvement to ExternalLink - although
                         "SimpleLink" would be a better name.)

Thank you,
P.S. IMHO several other issues (some of them mentioned by Joseph's list) 
could be simply closed too - since don't count anymore or are already 

> #1 -
> You suggested to Joseph to move the TypeConverter to a parameter. I 
> already had such an implementation for myself, so I just sent the patch.
> #2 -
> setRedirect() with parameters works now with this patch.
> (Because Click does not support something like "Global Page
> Parameter", this small patch eases this use case too - but that's 
> another story).
> #3 -
> The implementation was suggested by a former Click commiter.
> (Mostly in "hello world" like examples, a Table will display only one
> Entity. In commercial ones, Table columns need to span to other Entity 
> properties too - this patch simplifies greatly this - without this, the 
> Table would need another TransferObject - with it, it can use directly 
> those Entites, and have operations on them, since the "alias" allows it)
> #4 -
> Cayenne3 has changed some interfaces so the Click integration needs a 
> recompile (this also takes Ashwood2 since Cayenne3 upgraded to it).

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