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From "Adrian A." <>
Subject Re: [clickclick] Build.xml fails ...
Date Sat, 16 May 2009 15:34:16 GMT
>> IMHO since this project depends on Click (and it's trunk would make 
>> sense to depend on the click trunk trunk too), it would be better if 
>> the build.xml would be more robust for such situations.
> Sure, if you want to make things more robust let me know and I'll 
> provide you with commit access.

>> Also, it would be quite practical if the version of clickclick would 
>> be the same with that of click - users would not have to constantly 
>> "map" the versions for each package - simply pick e.g. 
>> click{everything}-{version}.jar
> -1 versioning != mapping.
But this very simple case (that was not working this time) proves my 
point. Also:
- docs will be always to some extent out of sync.
- this isn't really a "version" since if I recall right, the project is 
making *no* releases, so users will build just build it - so there are 
only "tags".
- so the "tag" is a mapping in this case - it can simply point the right 
Click version.
- it makes life really really simple for users.
- it makes life much simpler for commiters - just put a tag and ready.


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