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From Bob Schellink <>
Subject Re: [clickclick] Build.xml fails ...
Date Sat, 16 May 2009 15:24:47 GMT
Adrian A. wrote:
> If I get those JARs manually(2.0.1 described by the docs), than 
> build-all fails to compile with the errors from the end of this message :(.

Yes ClickClick isn't compatible with Click-2.0.1 anymore and the docs 
are out of date.

A major feature in ClickClick is Ajax support. Click 2.0.1 didn't have 
all the necessary infrastructure to support it properly though. The 
main features needed were getHeadElements and a more flexible 
ControlRegistry. These features are in 2.1.0, so with 2.1.0 released 
things should be more stable and an alpha release of ClickClick can be 

> IMHO since this project depends on Click (and it's trunk would make 
> sense to depend on the click trunk trunk too), it would be better if the 
> build.xml would be more robust for such situations.

Sure, if you want to make things more robust let me know and I'll 
provide you with commit access.

> Also, it would be quite practical if the version of clickclick would be 
> the same with that of click - users would not have to constantly "map" 
> the versions for each package - simply pick e.g. 
> click{everything}-{version}.jar

-1 versioning != mapping.


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