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From "Adrian A." <>
Subject Re: A very good Calendar replacement (MIT license)
Date Sat, 25 Apr 2009 10:56:14 GMT
>> The problem we currently have is that this DateField is not provide
>> the functionality it used to in SF Click.  I have lots of applications
>> I can't migrate to Apache Click until this issue is addressed.
> OK, I see. Than maybe this issue should have the highest priority since
> other users as well might also wait with the migration to the Apache 
> version of Click.
>> CalendarDateSelect provides the closet functional match to JS
>> Calendar. If someone would contribute a jquery DateField control with
>> time select capabilities that would be perfect. Otherwise
>> CalendarDateSelect is the best candiate that I know of.
> Another option would be to have DateField as composed of other two 
> controls:
> 1. a calendar:
Joseph has here a nice Click Calendar control based on this one:

but it has no localization support (and no time entry either) :(.

Since there are so many Calendars, but only with Date, no Time,
the best solution seems to remain to extend one of them with a Time 
field too :(.

If such a component is urgent, I think the main problem is much more to 
decide what JS solution(combination) to take, so that the community to 
be able give a try and implement it.


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