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From "Adrian A." <>
Subject Re: A very good Calendar replacement (MIT license)
Date Wed, 22 Apr 2009 08:52:23 GMT
> I think the two options we have going forward to bring back DateField
> functionality.  
I think there are more options than just 2.

> #1
> Pros:
> * has time support
> Cons:
> * has prototype dependency, which can impact jquery code
> * large JS includes
Prototype and (once the most popular), now doesn't seem 
to be
very developed and improved (as opposed to jQuery).

>  #2
This is the jQueryUI, not "jQuery" based component - this is why
is so big. Most users don't use jQueryUI (only jQuery).

There are several smaller jQuery based date components:
    - has many many examples and is very configurable.


    - this is the base on what jQueryUI datepicker (the #2) is built.


Not "pickers" but still smarter than an TextField compoments:
    - very simple, but

    Nice spinner entry, very configurable, and with keyboard navigation

So the above are just a few jQuery (not jQueryUI) based. There are many 

> Interested in everyones feedback
Another question would be: how easy is to make a Click component out of a
JavaScript+CSS calendar? ( does not look 
too easy).
I'm asking this, because maybe it would make sense to ask the community
to contribute their own Click Calendar component, host them to an 
alternative location, and eventually choose one.
The idea is: since there are so many Calendar components, maybe there 
should be more Click calendar components too, and since for us is hard 
to decide on one, let the user choose one (from the many ready Click 
Calendar controls).


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