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From Joseph Schmidt <>
Subject Re: SubmitLink does not submit :(.
Date Tue, 21 Apr 2009 17:59:44 GMT
> Just tested this code and it worked for me on FF.
> However I've noticed that you add the 'dLink' to a 'form', instead of 
> 'dForm'. Is 'form' defined in the BorderPage?
> Check that the following is generated in HTML:
>   onclick="return Click.submitLinkAction(this, 'dForm');
> The Click.submitLinkAction is defined in extras-control.js so make sure 
> you have the latest version of this file deployed on the server. Check 
> for any errors in Firebug too.
Thank you for your help Bob.
It was a browser cache problem - extras-control.js was picked from the 
cache only :(.
I observed this only when debugging with Firebug. The strange part is 
that no JS error was there :(, even if that method was unexisting in the 
old cached version - Firebug couldn't see it.

I also observed only now that the PerformanceFilter is acting only upon 
/assets/*, but click is writing to /click/*, (and I supposed a newer 
version of click should pick the newer files automatically because of 
the timestamp at least).


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